Why Star Trek?

Why do we think it’s important to explore Star Trek and it’s intergenerational impact is such a critical mission? Let us explain…

Join us on our adventure by enrolling today in Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology on edX.org.

7 thoughts on “Why Star Trek?

  1. The 5 reasons that Star Trek became important:
    -Timing (it was the perfect time to change peoples minds and expand them)
    -Language (The technology language was taught through the show and movies to young scientist)
    -Utopia (Star Trek show us what Utopia would look like)
    -Comedy (When you make people laugh; it releases ‘feel good hormones’)
    -Imagination (After the show was over for the night; it set minds into possibles and how they could make them possible)

    Doctors tend to have children that are Doctors; Accountant tend to have children that are Accountants; add any profession and generally at least one of their children follow them or go into a profession that is related. One of the reasons is because as a child you learn the language of the profession. Star Trek taught a lot of technology and scientific theories. For some of us, we went to the library to dive deeper into those or help created the technology of the future. Words like quantum, speed of light, interstellar travel, warp drive, replicators, black holes, etc. The words that would generally not have been know by the larger population now are.

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