The U.S.S. Enterprise

Gene Roddenberry knew that the ship that carried Captain Kirk and his crew into the final frontier needed to look like nothing the world had ever seen before. After all, the show took place in the future. The ship needed to reflect that. It also needed to reflect the kind of mission that Kirk and […]

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Star Trek Generations

Star Trek has an incredibly unique universe. The characters and stories in the multiple series in the franchise weave together to create, as Daniel Bernardi deemed it, a “megatext.” This megatext has led to some of the richest conversations and debates around Star Trek as well as some fabulous on set experiences where one generation of […]

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The Women of Star Trek

Star Trek was pioneering for many reasons, not the least of which was its portrayal of the women of Starfleet. Lt. Uhura inspired a generation of African American children and adults. Ms. Nichols often told one story in particular that explained the true reach of Lt. Uhura’s character.

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Risk is our Business

Star Trek aired in the height of the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. This was also a time of great unrest in terms of gender and race relations, economic hardship, and foreign relations. Margaret considers this in Star Trek: Imagining Culture and Technology. Watch below.

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Inspired by Star Trek

Star Trek inspired a generation of scientists and explorers. For our Star Trek course, we spoke to a few of them. Watch the video to hear from Marc Rayman, Mission Manager and Chief Engineer of the NASA Dawn Mission… Hear more about how Star Trek inspired millions in Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology on  

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Why Star Trek?

Why do we think it’s important to explore Star Trek and it’s intergenerational impact is such a critical mission? Let us explain… Join us on our adventure by enrolling today in Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology on

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